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An Elevated Fitness Experience

We welcome you to Phoenix Fitness - A Personal Training Studio in Milltown, NJ. Our personal trainers are certified, and our personal training studio is fully equipped compared to our competitors in the area. We are excited to share with you some highlights of being a client with us.

Certified Trainers

At Phoenix Fitness, we take pride in our team of highly qualified and certified trainers. Each member of our staff brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a genuine passion for helping clients achieve their fitness goals. We ensure that every trainer stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques, providing our clients with the most effective and safe workout experience. Rest assured, when you train with us, you're in the capable hands of professionals dedicated to your success.

Individual Approach

At Phoenix Fitness, we prioritize an individualized approach to fitness, ensuring optimal results. Our experienced trainers assess your unique needs, goals, and limitations, crafting a customized fitness plan for every session. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned fitness enthusiast, we tailor sessions for maximum progress while maintaining safety. With us, you can be confident that every step of your fitness journey is optimized for your success.

In-Studio or Virtual

Since the pandemic, we have started offering virtual training sessions for all our clients. Whether they are out of town or even snowed in, our clients can workout from wherever they are. We encourage our clients to take advantage of this option as consistency is more important to a healthy lifestyle than any other factor. We understand that life (or even a pandemic!) can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle that is why we offer virtual personal training so our clients can maintain their consistency!


Ken Racioppi Owner, NSCA Certified

Ken is the owner of Phoenix Fitness. With over 25 years of expereince as personal trainer and a physical therapist, Ken has developed unique ways to help each one of his clients with the individual attention they need. Ken is certified personal trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Amy Weiner Trainer, Health Coach, ACE Certified

With over 20 years of experience as a certified perosnal trainer, Amy is dedicated her work toward inspring her clients into incorporating helathy habits into their lifestyle. Her philosophy on fitness is unique. Amy's dedication to her clients is inspiring. She is also our reident Health Coach!

Ben Feigenbaum NASM Certified

Ben is our newest trainer to join the team. His dedication to his clients is unmatched! He is passionate about transforming lives through fitness and wellness. His mission is to empower individuals to unlock their full potential, both physically and mentally.


Seriously, we are against group fitness classes.

There are several reasons to chose personal training. Firstly, the individualized attention our trainers give to our clients' workout is unmatched in the industry. Secondly, personal training works best for people with no experience in the gym. That is where we come in. Our certified personal trainers are expereinced in all techniques, and provide the personal attention our cleints require in their fitness routine. We take pride in curating each workout independantly for each one of our clients for their each visit. Phew! That's a lot of peronalized attention! Plus, because of our one-on-one workout model, we can guaruntee your safety while you workout using one of our many equipments.

At Phoenix, our motto is simple: Perosnal training should be open to all people regardless of their ability. Our trainers also specialize in the working with our clients with disabilities. Whether your disability is permenent or temporary, our trainers can assisst you perform any excercise. Personal training also works best for people who are recovering from injury.

Personal training is substantially better at producing results than group classes. None of us chose to go to the doctor's office in a group setting; then why choose group training sessions for your workout routine? Trendy franchise "gyms" often sell one-size-fits-all group workout routines. The workout apps operate standard boiler plate workouts and are overpiced for the value they provide. At Phoenix Fitness, that is not the case. Come in for a demo session, and feel the difference in training with a personal trainer vurses a group workout. As a bonus - Our demo session is free!

Unlike big box gyms where they use the common main floor to train clients, you can expect full privacy while you workout with us.


How to Find us

Contact us today either by email, phone call, or just stop by at the Studio to learn more about our services!


240 Ryders Lane, Milltown, NJ 08850.


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